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    I'm a Machine Learning Engineer currently based in Abu Dhabi (UAE) with several years of experience working with business partners on various research and commercial projects. I am fluent in Python, R, SQL, and certified in Tableau. My passions include Data Science, Machine Learning, and Robotics.

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  • Recent Work Experience

    A description of my most two recent roles

    Royal Group (Abu Dhabi, UAE)

    Analytics Manager
    July 2018 – Present

    Lead of the Data Analytics Team at Royal Group LLC. My role is primarily to identify & prioritise opportunities for implementation of advanced analytics within Royal Group companies. Responsibilities include:

    • Analyse structured and unstructured data to identify trends and patterns, and build ML classification and predictive models.
    • Develop processes and tools to automate data collection, processing and assess data quality. 
    • Prepare progress reports, presentations, and interactive data dashboards in Tableau to communicate findings and insights to key stakeholders.


    Khalifa University (Abu Dhabi, UAE)

    Research Fellow
    June 2016 – June 2018

    Research Fellow at the Aerospace Research and Innovation Center (ARIC)

    • Taught and supported robotics projects in Computer Vision using Neural Networks for Image Classification and Object Detection. 
    • Contributed to design and fabrication of multi-axis robot tool for automated drilling and riveting of composite aircraft panels for implementation.
    • Data wrangling and EDA (Python/R) of large aviation datasets to identify trends and patterns.
  • Projects

    A selection of data science projects I've worked on

    Building an Employee Churn Model in Python to Develop a Strategic Retention Plan

    Machine Learning Project

    • Build a Supervised Learning model to predict Employee Churn, and use Employee Segmentation to create a Strategic Retention Plan (link)

    Home Credit Default Risk: Predicting Loan Default

    Machine Learning Project

    • Performed EDA, feature engineering, and pre-processing on large customer datasets to use historical loan application data to predict whether or not an applicant will be able to repay a loan (link)

    Creating Customer Segments/Clusters

    Unsupervised Learning Project

    • Applied unsupervised learning techniques on product spending data collected for customers of a wholesale distributor to identify customer segments hidden in the data (link)

    Deep Learning Classifier using TensorFlow

    Deep Learning Project

    • Built Deep Learning models to identify canine breed given an image of a dog. Convolutional Neural Networks architectures were built using Transfer Learning with pre-trained ResNet-50 (link)

    Train a Quadcopter How to Fly using RL

    Reinforcement Learning Project

    • Designed an AI agent to fly a quadcopter, and then trained it using reinforcement learning algorithms (link)
  • Education / certificates

    The Australian National University

    Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

    Bachelor of Engineering (Hons)

    Mechatronics Engineering


    Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate Certification


    Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree
    Data Analyst Nanodegree

  • speaking engagements

    I was featured on various TV and radio shows in Australia and in the UAE discussing latest engineering breakthroughs, data science, machine learning and AI.


    I've had the great pleasure of delivering technical talks at academic conferences during my PhD and post-doc.


  • causes I believe in

    Organisations I support currently or have supported in past projects

    Non-profit organization that allows people to lend money via the Internet to low-income entrepreneurs and students in over 80 countries.

    Independent, not-for-profit media outlet that publishes articles authored by academics.

    Australian non-profit aiming at improving the quality of life of disadvantaged communities through education and the implementation of sustainable engineering projects.

    Australian, independent, not-for-profit, secular, community-based aid and development organisation, and an affiliate of Oxfam International.

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